Our Services

What Makes us Qualified?

  • We have been providing these same services to our own properties since 1989.
  • Our occupancy averages 95%
  • Our collections average 97% of outstanding rents
  • Our team can operate property sizes of 40-500 units
  • Our team is capable of operating anywhere in the continental United States

Services Overview:


Property Operations – Leasing, Retention, Collections, Facility Management

Insurance Services Implementation – Property, liability, worker’s comp, etc

Financial Management – Account management with monthly reporting (we use an industry leading system, OneSite, that features double-entry accounting)

Banking Management – Account reconciliation, deposit management, etc

Employment Services – Employee hiring and HR management


Strategic Planning – Question: How do we bring current operations into compliance with goals as established by the following questions/answers?

Property Operational Analysis – Question: are we making money and is the project meeting goals?

Expense and Budget Analysis – Question: What does the budget need to be in order to meet our goals?

Banking Analysis and Planning – Question: What can we do with our financing? How do we make it happen?